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Microsoft’s most famous and most ubiquitous product, the Windows operating system, has received a very powerful upgrade with Windows 10. While most users will be content with the Home edition that is the standard, businesses that wish to get more from their operating system should consider all the more advanced features that come with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition.


Basic Windows users can be quite content with Windows 10 Home. It includes all the latest basic features expected from Windows, including an easy-to-use interface and the ability to add all the programs necessary for basic computer use. It can accommodate Microsoft Office and comes with a browser for all internet surfing needs. Not every user can get what they need from Windows 10 Home, though. For those who have more complex needs than the basic operating system can handle, there is Windows 10 Pro, full of features that provide much more security, virtualization, and other more advanced abilities. All of this is emphasized even further in the 64-bit edition, which is capable of even more complex operations.


Windows 10 Pro offers small and midsize businesses with an operating system stocked with all the powerful tools necessary to compete with larger businesses. It has all the features found in Windows 10 Home—such as Cortana, the new Edge web browser, and a new Start menu—and adds even more capabilities.


Combining the best abilities of Windows Server with the usability of Windows 10 Home, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition 64-bit provides users with the tools businesses need to compete, including more security, virtualization, and networking. Brought all together, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition 64-bit gives small and midsize businesses the ability to run an operating system that makes their company more efficient and better protected.


Windows 10 is designed to be faster than any previous edition of the operating system. That means a faster startup, faster program running, and even a faster and more enjoyable gaming experience. Anyone who has ever had to run a slow operating system will know just how frustrating and discouraging it is to be limited by a bad system, and how important this is that our device is capable of providing a smooth user experience. While being extremely fast and efficient, at the same time, Windows 10 is also incredibly stable, keeping your programs running and avoiding any risk of a shutdown error, meaning that your work will always be safe and secure from unexpected errors.


With the Start menu and Cortana, Windows 10 is easier to use for everyone. Users can more easily navigate the whole system through a clean and neat menu and a fast virtual assistant. Continuum and universal apps also make it possible to enjoy a user experience that is ideal for that particular device that can still mirror the experience found on any other device.


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition provides the means to develop, share, and run new apps, keep data secure, and run a quality domain that provides for more efficient communication and collaboration. And that is just the beginning.