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Project Standard 2016 gives you an overview on your projects at any time. The numerous tools in Microsoft Project Standard 2016 support you in all project planning and implementation of all projects and assist you in the project progress documentation. Analyze resources, schedules and budgets and ensure a simple and smoothly running project management. Project 2016 Standard helps you or your project managers to measure reached achievements and to keep whole projects at a glance.


Numerous functions for smoothly running project management

  1. Plan and manage projects using easy-to-use tools, and track your resources, costs, and progress.
  2. The latest project templates from can be called out directly from Project Standard 2016 and immediately entered into the planning of your new project.
  3. The Office-like interface of MS Project 2016 Standard provides an intuitive navigation within the program.
  4. The comprehensive reporting tools, such as Burndown reports or so called Resource Overview, enable you to easily measure project progress and allow a reliable review of resource allocation.
  5. The sequence of tasks in Project Standard 2016 can be tracked easily in illustrated Gantt diagram that enables you to see exactly which processes carries forth your project.
  6. In the timeline view, you can create multiple timelines next to each other and arrange them by graphic. Project progress presentations can be created quickly at any time.
  7. Transfer the Microsoft Project Standard 2016 elements without changes, to all the other Office applications and work on or edit them directly from there. You have your files ready for a PowerPoint presentation, for work or for merging them with other documents.


    Microsoft Project Standard 2016 offers you many different ways to efficiently plan and manage your projects. Plan your projects in detail and keep schedules and resources distribution tracked. The up-to-date project templates that you can store directly from Project 2016 Standard on, help you to get quickly started and create your project plans. The improved graphical interface, based on Office 2016, allows a quick orientation within the program. Manage with just few clicks all your daily work, important details, project operations and several timelines on the functional surface in MS Project Standard 2016 and always keep track of all key figures at a glance. The highlighted process path in the Gantt chart, shows you the connection of all your operations. This way Microsoft Project 2016 Standard shows you, which tasks are the most important for successful project completion.