Nanocare Nanosilver and Antibacterial 

Mask 4 layers


  • Nanosilver, Pleated 
  • 100% Fiberglass free 
  • 4 PLY Non woven material 
  • Latex Free 
  • Breathable Antiviral Face Mask. 
  • Pliable nose piece for proper fit across nose & cheekbones.
  • Made in Vietnam


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Nanocare Nanosilver and Antibacterial Mask 4 layers

About Nano Silverfabric layer and antibacterial paper

Nano Silver consists of nano-sized silver particles, approximately 1 -100 nano meters. Usually the size is about 25 nano meters Silver nano particles have a large surface area that increases their exposure to bacteria or fungi thus providing bactericidal effect upon contact.

The following materials are used in the production of Nanocare Nanosilver and Antibacterial Mask 4 layers:

Advantages of Nano Silver

- Ability to kill more than 650 types of bacteria, 260 types of harmful bacteria that cause disease and both gram-negative and positive bacteria. 

- Safe and hardly cause toxicity (when used in permissible levels). 

- Keep the nutrition of the food intact. 

- Quick effect, does not cause irritation, allergies and by-products during the bactericidal process. 

- No coloring, no harmful smell, extremely flexible application. 

- Silver Nano has stable properties and can prolong its antibacterial effect for a long time.

Self-cleaning ability (made in water) due to its large surface area, Nano Silver can adsorb and deposit organic substances, ions as well as other antibiotic residues present in wastewater. cannot be removed by previous mechanical means. 

Can be combined with other materials such as Nano Copper will have very strong photocatalytic ability, under the effect of common light can decompose toxic organic substances present in wastewater into harmless substances.

Bactericidal Mechanism of Nano Silver

Nano Silver attacks HS-SH disulfide connectors on the cell membrane of unicellular organisms (bacteria, fungi, algae) that inhibit the ability to transport oxygen into cells to kill bacteria, prevent over process of copying code of a single-celled organism.

Some other disinfectant mechanisms are also considered by experts to be correct as adsorption theory: the bacterial cell is disabled as a result of the electrostatic interaction between the negatively charged surface of the cell. Silver cells and ions are adsorbed onto the bacterial surface, which then invades the bacterial cell and neutralizes them.

Bactericidal Paper

This paper have ability to kill virus from 40-5-% during 4-5 hours. 

So when we merge two these layer, the mask has BFE more than 99.7%, can meet demand standard ASTM F2100 at level 3.


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