Delivery Options

Delivery timings

The average delivery time is 24 hours.

The delivery time may differ from what is stated with the product. This may have the following reasons:

1. We depend on the supplier if products are in stock at the time of order, since we do not have a large stock or have a large warehouse. Partly due to this cost saving, we can offer you affordable selling prices for our softwares, since we do not have to pass these costs on to the customer. The delivery time can therefore sometimes be shorter or longer than the given indication. You will be notified if the delivery time will be longer than initially indicated. If you do not agree with the longer delivery time you have the right to cancel the order at all times, after which the full purchase amount or deposit will be refunded to your account within 14 days.  
It can also happen that an item is temporarily sold out at our supplier and the delivery time may therefore be longer for that reason. You will be informed as soon as known. We do our utmost to keep delivery times as up to date as possible. 
 If an item has a longer delivery time than initially indicated, no financial compensation, discount or compensation will be given for this delay.

2If it is a physical product, the delivery time may differ from the above.

Delivery and Shipment

All orders are delivered via e-mail or FedEx. All deliveries are reported to the customer in advance.

It is not possible to agree on specific delivery times when shipping via FedEx, as drivers of this carrier may determine their own routes. Diiah BV has no influence on this. 

Diiah BV does not charge shipping costs separately for deliveries within the Netherlands.