CoVid19 Medical Needs 

Standard Ordering Procedure

1. LOI and POF. 

2. Please have LOI and POF come from end buyer (who ever will be paying for these goods). If buying on behalf of government or medical institute, please have letter of entrust that items will not be resold. 

3. Once approved, we will request certain corporate documents to validate the organization 

4. Conference Attorney Call- Review Deal and Confirm 

5. Complete Sales and Purchase Agreement, Complete Escrow Agreement (Money is not transferred) 

6. The invoice is issued

7. Buyer escrow is funded or 100% Irrevocable LC set up done 

8. SGS Report is released after SGS approval follow up steps:

8.1 Advise is double SGS Or:

a. SGS before shipment

SGS - 

Above link will give some indication what they will do. Buyer can consider to contact local SGS agency to get information how they work how to secure the genuine delivery for the buyer. 

b. at arrival Bureau veritas

Bureau Veritas -

Up to the client to decide for one or two different brands for the validation process. Above suggestion is an example. Any other preferred agency, can be requested by

8.2 if some defect is there, then according agreement steps are defined how to cope with situation

8.3 if no defects or defects solved, step 9 follows.

9. Sale is executed 

10. Release of funds

LOI must include, company letterhead, should not be more then 3 days old. Quantity and type wanted. Price. Live stock or production. Intended location of delivery. Incoterm needed. Payment through escrow confirmation. What kind of company end buyer is. The intended purpose of use. 

POF must be from Bank or Attorney. Should not be 3 days old. End buyer name on it to match LOI. Confirmation the amount of money available is equal to purchase price. Contact number to bank officer or attorney.

Download PDF File: