BreathCare I 830Mobile


  • Certification:IS013485 /CE /CFDA approved 
  • Mode: CPAP, S, T, ST, VGPS 
  • Pressure: 4-30 cm H2O 
  • Trigger adjustment 
  • Cycle adjustment 
  • Slope adjustment 
  • Noise: ≤ 32 dB(A) 
  •  *Oximeter (Optional)with YF-01 mask , humidifier SD card & trolley


  • Description
  • Specifications

BreathCare I 830 Mobile

CPAP is a treatment device that provides breathing support for critically ill patients with respiratory insufficiency, fresh air or oxygen can be pressed into the alveoli for blood gas exchange to treat respiratory dysfunction.It can be used for ICU.

The following specification of BreathCare I 830 Mobile


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