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Alcohol Free Sanitizer

  • Alcohol Free Sanitizer

  • This solution is non-toxic

  • Anti- Bacterial and Anti-Fungal

  • Bureau VeritasCertification

  • HACCP Based Food Safety 

Kills 99.9% of BACTERIA & viruses in 30 seconds

Bio Based Ester Surfactant


100% Food Ingredients

100% Alcohol Free


BIO SANITIZER - Alcohol Free Sanitizer

BIO-SANITIZER is a cleansing and protective colloidal solution derived from vegetable oils. It is an ideal solution and gentle formulation for hand sanitizing. 

Chemical Nature:

  • Chemical Entity : Lipid Ester

  • CAS No : 8002753/8023798

  • Custom Tariff : 3402130000

  • Micelle Diameter : 4 - 7 Nanometer

  • Dilution rate : 40 ml / L of potable water

* After dilution to 1 liter it can produce 4250 ml 

CAUTION: Can render uncarpeted floor surfaces to become slippery for a short while or a short while - due caution is urged.

For External Use Only

This product is manufactured under the controls established by Bureau Veritas Certification approved management system that conforms with HACCP based Food Safety System, June 2012. Bureau Veritas Certification Number -H130046-1 and ISO9001:2015 Number -H130046-1 and ISO9001:2015


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