Coronavirus: Things to-do while on lockdown

Coronavirus: Things to-do while on lockdown


Coronavirus: Things to-do while on lockdown?

People across the world are kindly requested, but also in some countries forcefully obliged being asked to self-isolate and stay at home as their countries go into lockdown, to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus (can even think of penalty or even use of violence by police in some countries, several live videos are going viral)

If self-quarantining for any reason, working remotely, or just feeling anxious about having to do either of those things for a while. 

There are many ways to prepare other than buying grocery to stock of foods here are some tips while lockdown. 

1. Cook tasty - healthy foods

  • learn to prepare new recipe
  • try new diet plan (keto, vegan, etc.)
  • plan meals 

There are many unlimited diet plans and recipes available online. During Lockdown time its better to have enough food for everyone.

2. Stay Fit 

  • do some exercise
  • watch training video online 
  •      o Yoga
         o CrossFit
  • Gym
  • Cardio
  • ...etc.

Staying fit will increase the immune system which will protect us from any kind of virus, (Please see the article: CORONAVIRUS (A PUBLIC AWARENESS FROM DIIAH)

3. Increase Spiritual experiences and Energy-level  


  • do some meditation
     o  meditation clears mind
     o  anxiety
     o  stress 
     o  enhanced emotional health
  • Religious people can now more time to pray and focus on spiritual literature and or online.

During this time, clear mind helps us make good decisions. Strong spiritual and faith keeps positive thinking that everything will be fine.  

4. House Works 

  • remodeling / renovation
     o  changing wall paper
     o  small modifications in kitchen
     o  renovating washroom
  • interior design
  • DIY Project
  •      o  fixing furniture's
  • cleaning the house
  • ...etc.

Clean environment protects you and your family. 

5. Gain more Knowledge  


  • watch online tutorials
  • read books
  • enroll to online training
  • Students can catch up on subjects by schools, especially the subjects in which they are students can now focus more on those subjects 
     o   eLearning System
     o   school books

Gain knowledge during this time, it’s always good learning new things and enhancing your knowledge.

6. Working from home, do it right 

Working from home can be convenient. Here are some tips during work from home:

  • do regular routine
  • getting dress and groom
  • eat healthy breakfast & drink water systematically
  • prepare a home-workstation

(Please see the article how to stay fit: How Coronavirus (Covid-19) affect Global Economy )

7. Entertainment for family 


  • have a family bonding
  • plan an educational movie with family
  • play some indoor games
  • sing and dance to music
  • Have video calls with other family members, friends, etc. 
  • share advice/knowledge how to time pass during the Lockdown
  • ...etc.  

It will boost positiveness of everyone.

8. Stay healthy and practice good hygiene 

  • maintain proper hygiene
  • drink properly (Please see the article: CORONAVIRUS (A PUBLIC AWARENESS FROM DIIAH)
  • use face mask (even not sick) at places where crowds will be, like these days at the supermarket/groceries, medical environments, etc.
  • washing hands regularly (and remember, soap and water is just as effective as hand sanitizer)

Today is really tough for everyone, just try to take it easy (be positive). These are tough, uncertain times, and the best thing we all can do is be kind to ourselves, our neighbors, appreciate what we have and pray as we all go through it.

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